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باستخدامك كوبون التخفيضات من موقع كوبون , 

سوف تحصل على عروض وتخفيضات %20 على برنامج مكافحة الفيروساتكاسبر سكاي” 2014 Kaspersky Internet Security

لاستخدام كوبون العروض والتخفيضات اضغط على  “كود الكوبون ” وسوف يقوم موقع كوبون بتحويلك الى شركة كاسبر سكاي للحصول على العروض المذكورة أعلاه “برنامج تسريع النت و التصفح و الانتى فيرس مجانا”

لمزيد من المعلومات أو الاستفسارات لا تترددوا في التواصل معنا




الحل الذي يتطلّب ترخيصًا واحدًا ويدعم أنظمة أساسية متعددة للحواسيب الشخصية وأجهزة ماك و أندرويد


أيًا كان الجهاز الذي تستخدمه لإجراء المعاملات المصرفية أو التسوق أو تصفّح الإنترنت أو الاتصال بالشبكات الاجتماعية عبر الإنترنت، فشبكة الإنترنت تنطوي على مخاطر الأمن نفسها، بما في ذلك البرامج الضارة والجرائم على الإنترنت والتصيّد الاحتيالي. لذا من الضروري أن تضمن الحماية لكل أجهزتك المتصلة والبيانات الشخصية التي تخّزنها عليها، من جميع التهديدات التي قد تتعرّض لها عبر الويب.


Kaspersky  , Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus – multiple devices 2014 issecurity solutioneasyusewhich requires one license and supports multiple platforms and protects virtually any combination of personal computers and Mac computers and smartphones that are running Android tablet and Android devices system to providefollowing thingsyou :


  • Multi-device security-Award-winning and improved protection for each device
  • Flexible protection – to enable you to “choose” security means that suit any combination of devices
  • Real-time protection – against all malware and new and emerging Internet threats
  • Anti-theft – protects your data if your Android smartphone or tablet is stolen or lost


Kaspersky Internet Security Anti-Virus for multiple devices also offers the Safe Browser feature from Casper Sky  for iOS, to help you protect your iPhone and iPad from phishing and malicious links. The Safe Browser feature is available from Kaspersky for iOS for free, and you can install it on an unlimited number of devices running iOS.



Casper Sky  Protect all your connected devices – an easy to use solution that requires one license

It gives  Kaspersky  ,  the Kaspersky Security of Internet Antivirus – multiple devices 2014 enjoy the freedom of the Internet to the max on a variety of devices. With one license, you can easily set up security for the following devices:

    • Personal computers
    • Macs
    • Android smartphones
    • Android tablets
    • IPhone and iPad phones (safe browser feature is available from Kaspersky  operating system iOS free)

Provide security so that you can “choose” security means that suit the devices you use

Casper Skye  , Kaspersky Internet Security Anti – Virus – for multiple devices

Is the appropriate way to provide effective protection for any set of devices:

    • For example, with a five-device license, you can protect: Whatever hardware you use, each device will be protected by Casper Sky’s award-winning security technologies .
      1. 1 x computer, 2x laptop and 2x Android smartphone, or
      2. 2 x Android smartphone, 2x Android tablet, and 1 x Mac
    • Throughout the license period, you can change which devices you want to protect, by transferring protection from one device to another.
    • In addition, you can download the Secure Browser feature from Casper  SkyTrack  for iOS for free on an unlimited number of your iPhones and iPads to help protect your devices from phishing and malicious links. Since the free browser feature of Casper  SkyTree  for iOS is free, it will not be counted among the devices covered by the license. In other words, if you purchased a license for five devices, you will be able to provide protection to five devices you choose, including PC or Mac computers or Android devices and other system, and download the secure browser feature of Kaspersky   Antivirus  on your iPhone and your iPad as well.

Improved protection, performance, and usability for each device

Personal computers, Macs, tablets, and smartphones require different security requirements. Through a simple and flexible one security solution, it provides Kaspersky   Antivirus  , Kaspersky Internet Security – multiple devices 2014 the following benefits:

    • Enhanced protection features for each type of device
    • Security techniques that help maintain performance levels in each device
    • User-friendly interfaces are convenient for each device

Real-time protection against all new and emerging Internet and malware threats

Whether you’re using your PC or your Mac or smartphone running Android or tablet running Android, provides you with Kaspersky  , Kaspersky Internet Security – multiple devices 2014 the following benefits:

    • Instantly scans all applications and files that you open, save, or download from the web.
    • Monitor potential threats and analyze them in real time and prevent dangerous actions before they cause damage.

Protect data stored on your lost Android device, with premium protection against theft

If the loss of a smartphone or tablet running Android or stolen system, provides you  with Kaspersky   Antivirus , Kaspersky Internet Security – multiple devices 2014 features are controlled remotely to help you:

  • Protect personal information stored on your device by blocking and clearing data from it, and alerting and taking pictures of unauthorized users
  • Locate your missing Android smartphone or tablet




To use the coupon offers and discounts “coupon transfer” It will  coupon site  refer you to the company  Kaspersky  Antivirus for offers above – mentioned “program and accelerate the net browsing and ClipBoard virus free”

For more information or inquiries please do not hesitate to  contact us

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